Innovation is at the heart of The Awareness Group (TAG). We are building the TAG GRID, a comprehensive national platform for alternative energy services and solutions targeting commercial and residential customers. With a unique growth model, TAG has acquired five companies across the alternative energy space, ranging from fintech for national residential and commercial project funding solutions, solar lead generation, sales and installation services to blockchain and a digital carbon and renewable energy credits marketplace. TAG is structured for organic growth complemented by a highly synergistic corporate development strategy focused on expanding current business lines and adding innovative technologies. The Company aims to quickly build a profitable, multi-$100 million company over the next few years and create significant value for customers, employees, partners, and current and prospective investors.

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Our Values and Mission

We bleed passion for the alternative energy industry and our unbendable values

At TAG, we are establishing a culture around our Core Values of:

1. Service: Delivering an optimal customer experience;

2. Teamwork: Recognizing our teams and staff as the heart and soul of our company and the reason for our success;

3. Innovation: Embracing the latest technological advances to provide our clients with the best solutions for their alternative energy needs;

4. Integrity: Utilizing years of experience, we continue to provide our clients, shareholders, and investors with the best results, all within the confines of an unshakable moral compass.

Over the past thirteen years, TAG has become recognized as an industry expert, including two successful public ventures under our quantitative platform. During this time, our teams pioneered new paths and solutions for the fledgling alternative energy industry while remaining laser-focused on our four core business competencies: Services, Technology, Finance, and Construction. When combined with our passion and core values:  

1. Our customers win by saving and making money with our solutions;

2. The earth wins by becoming healthier;

3. Our shareholders and partners win from the significant economic upside.

Our seasoned team is well-positioned to take TAG to the top of this growing industry.

Partner with us for this exciting journey.

Our Goals


  • Become a publicly-traded company
  • Build out the TAG GRID
  • Grow organically and through corporate development activities
  • Deliver at least $40 million in revenue with positive EBITDA
  • Prepare to uplist to a national exchange

Our Growth Strategy

Our strategy is centered around these areas:
1. Driving organic growth through our proprietary growth programs

2. Realizing synergies across the portfolio

3. Acquiring complementary alternative energy assets/companies to enable a national footprint

Once a company is acquired, our proprietary growth programs focus on the following 5 areas:
1. Implement Strategic Planning to help identify growth opportunities

2. Provide access to Strategic Capital to help finance growth initiatives

3. Provide Operational Expertise for scaling business

4. Leverage the latest technology to create productivity and efficiencies

5. Implement our Sales and Lead Generation programs to drive revenue


Acquisitions are a key part of our growth strategy. We have a unique acquisition model that TAG management has executed on in two prior publicly-traded companies. Our pending acquisitions fall under the following categories:

Renewables Services:
Lead Generation, sales, consulting and construction

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Blockchain, FinTech and Digital Marketplaces:
Advanced technologies and services that provide unique upside opportunities

Senior Leadership

Frank Moreno

Frank Moreno is a dynamic marketing executive with a demonstrated history of driving growth for energy sector businesses through the creation and delivery of unique, creative brand strategies, enhancing customer acquisition, and market position. Frank helps CEOs develop and implement strategic marketing and revenue growth initiatives. He brings an insights-based approach to digging into complex growth challenges, uncovering market opportunities, crafting growth-oriented strategic plans, and turning them into reality. He focuses on outcomes and on building impactful growth solutions with lasting value.

Nadia Conn
‍CFO & Board Secretary

Chief Financial Officer and strategic business partner offering 30+ years' experience leading the financial health, business strategy, accounting operations, and internal controls through a 360 degree business perspective. Portfolio of expertise: Fiscal managment, financial operations & performance, cash flow management, strategic vision, tactical planning, revenue growth & profitability, startup/emerging market growth, risk management, debt strategy, regulatory compliance, enterprise accounting system conversions, consolidated financial reporting, cost savings, people management.
Pablo Diaz CEO & Chairman of the Board

Pablo Diaz
CEO & Chairman of the Board

Pablo Diaz has been a high level executive at two successful publicly traded companies, where, since 2011, he has been party to over 14,000 alternative energy installations. He has in his career structured over $400 million dollars for alternative energy projects throughout the U.S. and Canada. A recognized industry expert, he has been featured in over 30 publications and media outlets, including the Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, and Yahoo Finance. In 2020, Pablo was awarded the Top Dynamic CEO by CEO Magazine.
Read the article here.

Brooks Holcomb
Independent Board Member

Brooks, a magna cum laude law degree recipient from the University of Miami, is a practicing attorney who owns a law firm specializing in business law. Brooks has been published multiple times by the American Bar Association and the State Bar of Arizona, and also has been recognized as a top 50 pro bono attorney, as well as Guardian ad Litem Attorney of the Year. Mr. Holcomb owns several fine dining restaurants, has interests in multiple recognized successful businesses in Arizona and is a founder and General Counsel for a national health based restaurant chain. Prior to joining the board of The Awareness Group, Brooks has served on multiple board of directors, including the Foundation for Burns and Trauma, Inc. and the Joyner-Walker Foundation, Inc. Currently Brooks serves as a Colombian Diplomat to the United Nations. He also is a United Nations Special Agent.
Marco Rubin Independent Board Member

Marco Rubin
Independent Board Member

Marco specializes in strengthening existing foundations within the professional investment community including venture capital, institutional investors, investment bankers, private equity and corporate venture groups. Also builds upon his existing track record with emerging technology investment operations at the local, state and national levels either through partnerships or new entity formations. Marco possesses unique experience dealing with federal venturing operations as well as leading edge research institutions. Examples include the National Science Foundation and the MITRE Corporation.

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